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I had been recording my voice lessons for six years before I realized what a valuable tool those recordings could be!

It would take another two years before I figured out how to listen to my voice with compassion and authority.

Are you ready to start writing the book on your own voice?

I was once right where you are...
Now, I help classical singers unlock the hidden superpower of being a singing musician that makes dreams come true.
I went from being just another singer who felt like she missed the memo to a passionate doctor of music rewriting the way singers teach themselves and creating a foolproof Voice Lesson Mining System—all while teaching my own university studio, being a wife to my wonderful baritone partner, and leading that wild auditioning performer lifestyle.
Meaningful Progress Takes Deliberate Action
Young women and men just like you have used the same system I used to rebuild my practice routine, and we’ve all gone from feeling like we’re dreading the thought of Maestro calling for "Quartets!" to rocking a reputation for knowing their music and always giving a crazy good performance--even from the instrumentalists.
I want to show you how easy it is to shed unhelpful practice habits while continuing voice lessons with your own amazing teacher …

I’ll teach you how to align your musical mentality with your natural vocal gifts, so you can start writing the book on your own voice from the lessons you're already taking. It’s time to say “no” to practice habits that don't serve you, get your ears and intellect aligned, and set up your musical future for efficiency and success.


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Hey Voice Teachers!


When your students aren't making progress like you know they should be, you start to feel like a bad voice teacher.

I felt the same way when I got started.
You can work so hard for your student, pour everything you have into them, be as thorough as you possibly can be... and they might still come back the next week having made barely any progress. 
 It's enough to make you wonder if you have any business taking voice students at all.
But think back... 
Remember how hard making decisions while in the moment of practice was when you were just starting out?
Wouldn't it have been nice to be handed a few sheets of paper that helped you recall your voice lesson and practically made a checklist of all the things you teacher mentioned in the lesson, plus reminded you to take notice of some things they didn't?

Give your students the opportunity to prove to YOU how great of a teacher you are!


"The ideal of practice is to accomplish the most in the least possible time without frustration."
- George Neikrug
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